If you work on the Creative side of Radio you’ve no doubt heard, if not outright believe that no matter how bad it gets – “Hey – at least you’re not digging ditches!”

Of course, putting things in proper perspective is important. For example – one can go from being a fully utilized Creative Image voice and personality for a station one day – to nothing more than a mere assembly line worker of the trite and cliched the next – but hey, look on the bright side – at least your not digging ditches!

See how that works?

While I’m all for keeping a positive outlook – I can’t help but cringe when I hear that.

To me it betrays is a colossal vacuum of self respect and self confidence.  As if we’re so lucky to be working in Radio that if not for this – we would literally only be qualified to dig ditches or some other back breaking manual labor.

Who is empowered by you believing this?

Corporate , definitely.  But you?

It’s one thing when us talent secretly believe this about ourselves in our oh so regular bouts of self doubt that are the table stakes of any meaningful creative process.

It’s quite another when you hear it being dolled out by Radio executives – usually under the guise of controlling and quieting dissent from the last remaining, and no doubt creatively restless talent.

But I’m not posting this to lecture Radio Execs about changing their worldview on managing creatives.

I’m posting this to change YOUR worldview.

So yes – it is certainly true – if not for Radio you and I could be digging ditches.

We also COULD:

  • Character voices in video games!
  • Dialog editors on indie films
  • Program internet “Radio”
  • Narrators for films, audiobooks, video games, tv show, web shows, podcast, corporate videos, guided tours – anything!
  • We could create music & sound for games – film – web videos – podcasts – any media!
  • Work in Theater.
  • Work on camera
  • Work behind the camera
  • Photography – music, sports, news, events
  • Graphic design
  • Motion graphic design
  • Write  – about music, politics, sports – or about anything you’re passionate about
  • Design and gives tours at museums, Cities – cultural sites – or areas of high niche passion
  • Manage a band – bands or other artists
  • Create and lead a community around a passionate niche
  • Start a web based show about – music -politics -sports – human interest – causes important to you
  • Design apps the entertain – inform-  solve people’s problems
  • Help small businesses develop their digital promotional strategy
  • Write sales copy for the web and corporate videos promotions
  • Start a business around your celebrity
  • Create content marketing for businesses

These are just a few ideas.

If nothing else – please remove from your mind the idea that the only other choices you face as an increasingly rare Radio Creative is digging ditches. This belief does not serve you – it only keeps you afraid and your worldview small.

I know – what about money.

Money can be liberating – and it can be a chain that shackles us.  If our only criteria for judging options is money – your world will get smaller.

Will any of these replace your current Radio salary right now?  Some will – Voice-Over has the highest probability of surpassing your Radio salary.  But most others – not right away.

And that’s because what you’re earning in Radio is probably based on years of experience and paying dues.

Anything new will be starting as a beginner –  unless you’ve been working it on the side for awhile.  You have been working in other fields on the side – haven’t you?

No better time to start than now.