AM/FM insiders ​debate​​​ who is and isn’t entitled to call themselves “Radio” while Beats1 totally owns the ​Spirit​​ that made the word meaningful in the first place.  Cue Rush.

​Take a listen – it’s all there:

  • A​ palpable sen​s​e of NOW ​with driving curiosity ​in ​what’s next.
  • A fearless​ swagger that the station, it’s personalities and ​their ​programming choices stand on equal footing ​​with the music.
  • The vibe that without those people on the air creating ​tangible electricity – that music wouldn’t be in your ear at this moment.
  • ​That​ through them joyously sharing it with “everyone” – the com​m​un​i​al discovery experience of that music is elevated beyond simply hearing it alone​​. ​
  • ​That when you tune in you have no idea what’s coming next – ​and​ ​you​ don’t want to miss it​.​

That​’s​ what AM/FM Radio in the U.S used to about be oh so long ago. ​

But over the decades that vibe has ​eroded in service of ticking off a well worn checklist of radio programming “best practices”. ​

Which is why I’m enjoying listening to Beats1 so much. It is “Radio” liberated from all the rules we in AM/FM land have decided to adhere to.  It’s Radio like we do it on AM/FM absent one ingredient – fear.

And yet rather than see and enjoy Beats1 that way –  I’m amazed to read fellow ​AM/FMers critique Beats1 through the lens of PPM and “best practices” – as if our shitty rules should apply to all forms of “Radio”.

What a shame.

Defend the​ rules​ all you want – ​just​ ask yourself this – come Monday morning​ – how would you​ honestly rather “DO RADIO​”​​ ​if you had a choice.

Your current way – or the Beats1 way?​ ​

Happy July 4th – and oh yeah – yet another PPM weekly report is coming out Monday!

2 thoughts on “Beats1 Steals the Word and the Spirit of Radio

  1. “That​’s​ what AM/FM Radio in the U.S used to about be oh so long ago. ”

    Non commercial/college stations? They don’t lock you into ITunes as well.

    Good for Beats1 but if it was a product of the BBC or iHeart I severely doubt it would be getting the praise its gotten since we all know anything Apple does is 100% cooler.

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Fair point. Apple has earned the halo – Commercial Radio relinquished the halo by running on the fumes of it’s early innovations and success.

      Kinda like Apple has been doing the last few years.

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