You already knew that you can get the audio magic I’m known and loved the world over for creating by giving me heaping piles of cash, right?

Please say yes.  Ok.

Well now – if you’re a U.S. Commercial Radio station and all your heaping piles of cash are being sent back to corporate to pay for Jets, and Mist Tunnels – you can have my succulent audio magic working on YOUR airwaves for NO CASH!

Yes, it’s true – Jeff Schmidt Radio Imaging is now available for Barter exclusively through Benztown Radio Imaging.


hey look – a Robot conductor. I wonder if he understand Rubato?

It’s a very simple concept – instead of heaping piles of cash – you give us some Commercial Air Time on your station and I give you my audio magic!  That’s almost as good as free!

How do we get started?

Easy – reach out to me about your project / station and we’ll talk about your creative vision.  If we agree to work together I’ll put you in touch with fine folks at Benztown who will give you details about what we’ll need to make it work.

You can also contact them directly and do the business part first if you prefer.

Audio Demos for all Formats and details can be found on my Benztown Profile page.

So c’mon – let’s make some delicious Audio together!

Of course – even if you are not in Radio  – I can still perform all manner of Audio Miracles for your media project in exchange for that old school currency stuff.  I’ll also trade for high end wine.  😉

Just reach out and lemme know what you need!