Inside Psycho Podcast – available at and wherever you listen to podcasts.

My latest audio project launches today – a collaboration with Mark Ramsey of Mark Ramsey Media –  a new podcast titled “Inside Psycho“.

The 6 full episodes plus the introduction is available now.

What is Inside Psycho?  It’s a 6 part deep dive inspired by the making of the classic movie.

The style of the show is unique, in our view.

It’s not a Documentary – it’s not a Radio Drama, it’s not an Audiobook.  The best description I’ve been able to conjure is – as a graphic novel is to a novel – Inside Psycho is to an audiobook.  An Audio Graphic Novel?

Mark Ramsey wrote and narrated the series – I provided Sound Design/ Composition and Audio Production – Podcast publisher Wondery is the distribution partner.

The 6 episodes will drip out over the coming weeks – Episodes 1 & 2 on March 24 2017 – and then the remaining 4 episodes every Friday after that.  The full episodes run about 22-30 minutes in length each.

This was a big, fun challenging project to work on and I hope you get a chance to take it all in.  I’m pretty proud of how it all came together.

I know this is a big ask – but the best experience of Inside Psycho is for you to listen on a decent pair of headphones. Better still if you listen un-distracted. I know. Uni-tasking, wha???  Give it a shot – you might find a new way to unwind.

Watch this blog:  As the Inside Psycho episodes come out I will post videos that go behind the scenes on the sound and music I created for each episode.

I’ll hit the teaser in the coming days – but for now – enjoy the show!

As always – reach out with any questions and comments.  I’d love to hear what you think.