Am I the only one that believes there’s a huge under served audience in the audio space between the Kardashian level banality of typical Commercial Radio – and the near joyless, whispery pretensions wafting off Public Radio?


Watch this 12 minute video about podcasts from The Verge.

You’ll not only get a glimpse at some former Public Radio people who are betting big on the liberation of Audio from the Medium of AM/FM – but also a look at how the monster profit machine of ESPN is using podcasts to super serve audiences that it’s broadcast empire simply can’t address on Broadcast.

espn podcenter

ESPN goes deep with Podcasts

That is the most instructive part for the Commercial Broadcasters face down in your latest PPM report – you’re missing the opportunity to not just play “mile-wide, inch deep” with broadcast – but also serve “inch wide – mile deep” via podcasts.

 Think about it this way

 Television has found plenty of fertile ground between Honey Boo Boo and Frontline.

Ground so fertile it’s considered a New *Golden Age of TV  – with almost too many high quality TV programs being created by the most creative minds in the business.

Now – it’s Audio’s turn.  Want in?


*"Golden Age" get's tossed around a lot.  Just last year Entercom CEO David Field declared a new "Golden Age of Radio" based on the fact that there has never been more Radio listeners than there are right now.  

I use a different definition - one inspired by Television's new Golden Age - and that's based on quality of content.  

Unlike Television which has considerably raised the bar on investment and creation of compelling, new, buzz-worthy content - Broadcast Radio is shipping pretty much the same product it always has - only doing it cheaper. 

The real Golden Age happening in the Audio space is clearly in Podcasting.  Only there can we hear an explosion of people experimenting to find out what is possible in that massive space between Public Radio and Commercial Radio.