There’s nothing like coming up with a creative idea, writing the copy, voicing it, and meticulously crafting the production with music and sound so it all comes together to deliver one holistic experience for the listener.

That pretty much defines what I do in Radio Production and Imaging. All too often though – these skills are put to use in service of mundane things. Routine ticket giveaways.  Un-remarkable station “features”.

But every once in awhile I get the chance to do something different – something special.  I recently had that chance thought you might appreciate hearing it.

Hivio is called the “Audio Future Festival”.  It’s an annual conference put on by consultant/researcher Mark Ramsey.

Hivio features players from all walks of the Audio entertainment world (old, new and yet to come) to talk about what’s next in Audio Entertainment. It’s a really inspiring event.

The theme of this year’s conference was “The Power of Audio” and Mark came to me looking for something to demonstrate the emotional potential of Audio. The power of Audio to make listeners FEEL something.

The take-away quote from the event for me came from Mark’s presentation:

“Audio that doesn’t make you feel something is just noise”

Wow!  That’s a pretty high bar to clear for us Audio makers!

After considering a few different ideas I finally decided to create a piece that would inspire me to explore using audio to evoke an emotional response.   This is what I came up with.
I hope you enjoy –  I’d love your feedback!

credits: written, voiced, produced by jeff schmidt. artwork by beeple